Southern California Criminal Defense Tools & Resources

Helpful Tools Related to Criminal Charges & Defense

The following pages contain useful information regarding California state’s laws and statutes. We have also developed some custom tools for you to use while preparing for the next steps in the criminal justice process. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact Wegman & Levin.

Inmate Locator

Find out where any inmate is being held in the county and on what charges.

Approved DUI Programs

Choose an approved DUI program to comply with any DUI or diversion mandates handed down from the court.

Bail Computation

Calculate how much you or a loved one would need to post bail, as well as how long you have to finish paying the bond and in what increments.


Locate and contact the court you are looking for in Los Angeles County. You may be able to pay some tickets and request hearings or petitions online depending on the situation.

California Forms (CA Judicial Council and AA/NA Attendance)

These forms and tools can be used to initiate the legal process or comply with court-mandated treatment plans.

Particular Offenses

This page contains helpful information for people facing DUI charges and nonviolent crime convictions.

Resources (Links & Tools)

The links and tools included on this page are a good place to start when acquainting yourself with California’s specific laws and statutes. The team at Wegman & Levin is happy to help with any other questions or inquiries you might have.

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