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Robbery Defense Attorney — Southern California

Los Angeles Robbery Attorneys Committed to Defending Your Rights

If law enforcement has arrested you for robbery in Los Angeles County, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious about what comes next. Whether you are facing robbery in the first or second degree, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Wegman & Levin will fight hard to protect your rights and defend your future.

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Robbery Charges in California

Under California state law, robbery refers to the illegal taking of someone else’s personal property through violence or intimidation. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, you could face aggravated robbery, armed robbery, or simple robbery charges. Any robbery taking place in an inhabited dwelling (i.e., house, apartment, trailer, etc.) or against the operator of any vehicle is considered first-degree robbery. Additionally, robberies occurring near an ATM or involving a carjacking qualify as robbery in the first degree. Second-degree robbery applies to any other type of robbery.

Penalties for a Robbery Conviction

Most robberies are considered felony offenses, carrying weighty penalties and lasting consequences. Common penalties for felony robbery include: A two- to ten-year prison sentence; costly fines; restitution to the victim; probation; counseling; and receiving a “strike” on your criminal record. You could also face the permanent revocation of your driver’s license and forfeit your right to purchase or possess a firearm. Even after serving the terms of your sentence, you could face barriers to employment and housing opportunities.

Keeping the Future Bright

While facing robbery charges can be stressful, don’t despair just yet. The highly skilled criminal defense team at Wegman & Levin is ready to help you navigate the criminal justice system and fight to keep your future bright. As soon as you know that you’re facing robbery charges in the Los Angeles area, contact our office to begin preparing for your defense.

Facing robbery charges in Los Angeles County? Schedule a free consultation with a trusted criminal defense attorney today by calling Wegman & Levin at (818) 641-5310.

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