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Reputable Violent Crimes Lawyers Defending Southern California’s Rights

Understanding the term “violent crime” is essential for both the accused and their defense. This broad categorization covers a multitude of offenses. In the California criminal justice system, it is important to understand what constitutes violence, as it is typically the deciding factor in whether or not you will be charged with a felony. The distinction between a simple offense and a violent crime can be the difference between a lighter sentence and a more serious felony charge, with more severe penalties. An experienced violent crimes lawyer can help you understand the distinction and the options available to you.

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California’s Violent Crimes

Given that California’s legal framework is both expansive and meticulously detailed, the expertise of a proficient Los Angeles violent crime lawyer can be indispensable for accurate interpretation and guidance of how violent crimes are classified and how a case might be defended.

Below is a list of what is considered a violent act according to California statutes:

  • Murder or Voluntary Manslaughter: This grave crime stands as a testament to the state’s uncompromising approach to ensuring justice.
  • Mayhem: A crime shrouded in unpredictability, mayhem often presents multifaceted challenges. Due to its complex nature, individuals involved invariably seek the counsel of an experienced Los Angeles violent crime lawyer.
  • Sexual Offenses: Acts like rape, sodomy, and related offenses carry severe legal consequences.
  • Oral copulation of a minor or of an adult without consent
  • Lewd acts on a child under the age of 14 years: California courts prioritize the safety of the state’s most vulnerable, including Minors. Any case where violence is directed against Minors can lead to severe penalties.
  • Continuous sexual abuse of a child
  • Any felony punishable by death or imprisonment in the state prison for life
  • Any felony in which the defendant personally inflicts great bodily injury on any person other than an accomplice or any felony in which the defendant uses a firearm
  • Assault with the intent to commit a specified felony
  • Any robbery
  • Arson in violation of subdivision (a) or (b) of Penal Code Section 451
  • Diverse Criminal Actions: This broad category encompasses an array of offenses, from attempted murder to carjacking. Due to the vast scope, violent crimes lawyers are frequently called upon to provide their expert legal opinions and defense strategies.
  • Extortion, as defined in Penal Code Section 518, which would constitute a felony violation of Section 186.22 of the Penal Code (relating to criminal street gang sentencing enhancements)
  • Threats to victims or witnesses
  • A violation of Penal Code Section 12308, 12309, or 12310 (with regard to destructive devices or explosives) : Crimes involving explosives or devices intended to wreak havoc carry grave implications.
  • Gang-Related and Intimidation Crimes
  • Residential Burglaries with Victims at Home: With the added dimension of victims, these burglaries present heightened legal challenges.
  • Highly Specialized Violations: Certain crimes, owing to their specialized nature, demand the sharp insights of violent crimes lawyers who are well-acquainted with specific penal codes and their interpretations.
  • Any violation of Penal Code Section 12022.53
  • A violation of subdivision (b) or (c) of Penal Code Section 11418 (relating to weapons of mass destruction)
  • Kidnapping

Grasping the breadth and depth of these categories, and the subtleties that lie within, is no small feat. Working with an experienced, knowledgeable violent crimes lawyer is essential to ensure clarity, proper representation, and the laying down of a robust foundation for any ensuing legal procedures.

Violent Crimes as Felonies

Each offense mentioned is a “strike” in California. If you’ve had prior offenses, consulting a violent crimes lawyer becomes essential. Prior convictions of any of these crimes will automatically double a subsequent sentence. Furthermore, under California’s Three Strikes Law, a third conviction may result in an automatic prison sentence of 25 years to life.

Violent felonies on your record will most certainly impact your employment opportunities, housing options, and voting privileges. Do not take any chances with your freedom and future; retain an experienced violent crimes lawyer at Wegman & Levin today to get over 65 years of combined experience in your corner.

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