Corporate Portrait of Debra Wegman | Criminal Defense Attorney | Wegman & Levin Debra J. Wegman has represented clients with integrity and dedication in both civil and criminal cases for over 38 years, focusing on complex cases and appellate work. Ms. Wegman has several published California Court of Appeal cases.

A former board member of California’s statewide trial attorneys association, Ms. Wegman has lobbied legislators in Sacramento to protect the rights of individuals against powerful corporations and governmental entities. She testified before the California State Senate Judiciary Insurance Subcommittee during the corruption scandal involving former Insurance Commissioner Quackenbush after the Northridge earthquake. She is a former editor of The Advocate, a trial lawyer journal, and has participated as both a moderator and a speaker in numerous educational seminars for attorneys.

Ms. Wegman believes there is no substitute for thorough preparation of each client’s case, regardless of their nature. She is committed to providing every client the same standard of excellence and attention. While no lawyer can guarantee what the outcome of a case will be, Ms. Wegman’s meticulous attention to detail and legal scholarship ensures that each of her clients will receive an exhaustive and high-quality defense.


  • University of California at Berkeley
  • Loyola Law School

Notable Cases

  • People v. Mandy Hoyen To (Murder Conviction Reversed)

Notable Cases

People v. Mandy Hoyen To (Murder Conviction Reversed)

To was convicted of second degree murder at trial and was sentenced to 16 years to life in state prison. The trial judge erred by refusing to instruct on self defense, involuntary manslaughter and accident. Debra Wegman wrote and argued the appeal to the Second District and won a full reversal of the conviction. In the Court of Appeal’s sharply worded opinion it rebuked the trial judge and completely adopted Ms. Wegman’s legal arguments:
“In light of this conclusion, reversal for retrial is required. . . . . Needless to say, if the evidence is identical to that presented at the first trial, the trial court is required to submit instructions about self-defense, imperfect self-defense, a killing committed in the heat of passion, involuntary manslaughter, and accident. If the evidence differs, the trial court is to apply the principles and authorities set forth in this opinion in deciding on the instructions to be used.”

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