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Dedicated Southern California Drug Charge Lawyer

As legislators continue updating state and federal drug laws, it is paramount to remember that the majority of drugs remain illegal to possess or distribute. Even marijuana, which now has legal status for recreational use in California and several other states, can lead to criminal charges if grown or sold unlawfully. In the face of such evolving laws, having an experienced drug charge lawyer by your side can make a difference to make sure you understand any charges and what the penalties can be.

Depending on circumstances, drug charges can take the form of misdemeanors or felonies, with penalties ranging from small fines to decades in prison. No matter what the specifics, if you have been charged with a drug offense, you need to speak to an experienced Southern California drug charges attorney as soon as possible.

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Understanding Your Drug Offense Charges

The nature of the charges against you and the penalties you may face depend on the types of drugs involved, the quantities, and whether the drugs were for personal use or distribution. Wegman & Levin’s Drug charges lawyers have a wealth of experience with different cases and can advise on the different charges and penalties. For example, crimes involving Schedule I drugs like opioids, cocaine, and mescaline carry the most serious penalties, with harsher sentences for higher quantities. Manufacturing or selling any of these drugs will likely result in a felony. On the other hand, recent legislation has made simple possession of any scheduled drug under California law a misdemeanor.

Navigating Common Drug Offenses in California with a Drug Charges Lawyer

California’s complex legal landscape encompasses a broad spectrum of drug-related charges. Here’s a closer look:

  • Possession: This is one of the most common drug offenses. Simply having a controlled substance on your person or within your property can lead to a possession charge. Having a skilled drug charge lawyer can be pivotal in challenging evidence or arguing for reduced penalties.
  • Trafficking: Trafficking charges often involve the movement or sale of large quantities of drugs. The stakes are high, and penalties can be severe, making the assistance of an experienced drug charges attorney essential.
  • Manufacturing: If you’re found producing illegal substances, you could face a manufacturing charge. The process, equipment, and even precursor chemicals can be evidence in these cases. Engaging with a drug charges lawyer can help dissect the evidence and strategize a defense.
  • Possession with an Intent to Distribute: This charge goes beyond mere possession. Authorities believe not only did you possess the drug but had plans to sell or distribute it. The line between personal use and intent to distribute can be thin, so having a drug charges attorney can make a significant difference in how your case is argued.
  • Prescription Drug Offenses: With the rise of prescription drug misuse, charges related to unauthorized possession, sale, or fraudulent acquisition of prescription drugs are increasing. It’s vital to have a drug charges lawyer who understands the nuances of such cases.

When you’re charged with any drug-related offense in California, understanding the nature and specifics of your charge is paramount. This knowledge, combined with the expertise of a drug charges attorney, can pave the way for a robust defense strategy, optimizing your chances for a positive outcome.

The Prolonged Impact of Convictions: Why You Need a Drug Charges Attorney

The impact of a drug conviction can extend far beyond immediate legal penalties. Certain rights, such as voting or firearm possession, might be jeopardized with a drug conviction. More far-reaching consequences could also affect you for years to come, including impacting your custody rights. It might also have an impact on your career prospects, finding housing, or accessing educational opportunities. The importance of having a knowledgeable drug charge lawyer to safeguard your interests and potentially mitigate these consequences cannot be overstated. Get in touch with us today to talk about your specific case.

Strategies Employed by Our Drug Charges Lawyers in Defense of Drug Offenses

At Wegman & Levin, we pride ourselves on adopting a multi-faceted approach to defending our clients. Strategies we might use include:

  • Challenging the legitimacy of searches or seizures
  • Evaluating the reliability of informants or witnesses
  • Inspecting the collection and analysis of drug evidence
  • Exploring alternatives like rehabilitation programs or other sentencing avenues

Our drug charges attorney team understands the intricacies of drug offense law in Southern California. We specialize in devising smart defense strategies tailored to individual cases.

Expert Criminal Defense Attorneys for You

In the domain of drug offenses, premium legal representation is non-negotiable. With over 65 years of experience, the drug charges team at Wegman & Levin have guided countless Southern California clients through the legal process.

If you are facing drug offense charges in North Hollywood, Burbank, Los Angeles County, or Southern California, call (818) 600-6749 today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of the knowledgeable drug offense attorneys at Wegman & Levin, Attorneys at Law.

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