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As legislators begin updating state and federal drug laws, it is important to remember that most drugs are still illegal to possess or distribute. Even marijuana, which is now legal for recreational use in California and many other states, can result in criminal charges if grown or sold illegally.

Depending on circumstances, drug charges can take the form of misdemeanors or felonies, with penalties ranging from small fines to decades in prison. No matter what the specifics, if you’ve been charged with a drug offense, you need to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Understanding Drug Offense Charges

The nature of the charges against you and the penalties you may face depend on the types of drugs involved, the quantities, and whether the drugs were for personal use or distribution. Crimes involving Schedule I drugs like opioids, cocaine, and mescaline carry the most serious penalties, with harsher sentences for higher quantities. Manufacturing or selling any of these drugs will likely result in a felony. On the other hand, recent legal changes have made it so that simple possession of any scheduled drug can only be charged as a misdemeanor.

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When it comes to drug offenses, it is essential that you get the best legal representation available for your case. Wegman & Levin, Attorneys at Law have over 50 years of experience helping Southern California clients successfully navigate the criminal process and will bring that knowledge to your case. We’ll examine every detail of the charges against you to protect your rights and help you secure the best outcome possible.

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